Reefer repair systems

The reefer repair system is a machine that that provides fast and safe access to containers stacked on deck of container carriers.

The reefer repair system is basically a small modular climbing platform that can carry the electrician and the new cooling unit up to the reefers.  

The challenge is that the electrician on the ship has to be able to repair or replace the cooling unit within short time if the cooling unit should fail.

With this machine, it is normally possible to move and erect a modular lightweight lifting platform (with 400 kg capacity) within 30-60 minutes. This platform can carry 2 men up to the damaged cooling unit - in any height - and replace the cooling unit in good time before damage is caused to the goods inside the reefer.

The reefer repair system is tested and approved by Germanisher Lloyds in Germany.

It is electrically driven, and the power is taken from the same power supply as for the cooling units.

The technology is patented worldwide, and the machine has (since 2008) been installed on a majority of the Maersk Line container carriers.

Now it is also available for other ships outside the Maersk system.

There is no similar machine available in the market today. 

The machine is adaptable to most deck designs - at it does not need free space at deck level to be installed.