NP03 Monorail

The NP03 monorail system is basically a special aluminum track profile with trolleys running inside the track profile. The profile is installed with joint pins, split pins, end stops and suitable bolt sets. It is top mounted to a suitable steel bracket. The bracket is fixed to the building.

The NP03 monorail can be easily hidden inside the ceiling or under the soffit of the roof. The result is that the monorail will become almost "invisible" from underneath.

Each trolley can carry loads up to 400 kg. Normal maximal distance between brackets is 2,4 meter.

Normally the trolleys will carry access platforms like:

- suspended platforms

- traversing gantries

- traversing ladders

- other facade or roof access applications.

The NP03 monorail system can only be installed horizontally.

The monorail can be rolled, bent or angle cutted in order to follow the architect