Maintenance and certification


NorAcon is qualified to perform all maintanance for BMU systems.

NorAcon is also certified to perform annual certifications of the systems.

The producers instructions clarifies how often the maintenance must be performed. Normally this is once every year.

 What is included in the maintenance:

  • general overview of the BMU system
  • function test of all components
  • maintenance of all components according to producers instructions
  • visual control of all suspension systems
  • make recommendations for repairs and replacements

Thereafter NorAcon will make repares and replacements of components according to clients order. 

NorAcon will conclude the maintenance with a maintenance report, stating the present condition of the BMU system. 


Thereafter, the BMU system will be certified by a qualified engineer.

The systems could be approved, partly approved or not approved.

A sticker with the date for next maintenance will be put on the approved systems.