NP01 monorail

The NP01 monorail systems are basically a special aluminum track profile with trolleys running onto the track profile. The profile is installed with joint pins, end stops and suitable bolt sets, and it is fixed to a suitable steel bracket.

The bracket is fixed to the facade or roof. Each trolley can carry loads up to 600 kg. Normal maximal distance between brackets is 3,6 meter.

Normally the trolleys will carry maintenance units like:

  • suspended platforms
  • traversing gantries
  • traversing ladders
  • other facade or roof access applications.

The NP01 monorail system can be installed either horizontally or inclined. The max angle of climbing is 90 degrees.

When using inclined monorails, it is possible to use the same trolley on different levels of the building. It is also possible to install the monorail along with the shapes of the building. This will increase the efficiency of the workers and also blend in better with the architecture.

The monorail can be rolled, bent, twisted or angle cutted.

We can also supply suspended platforms together with the monorail systems. The monorail systems are compatible with all the major types of suspended platforms available in the market today.

Monorails can be delivered in batches with fixed lengths or at special lengths.

Max lenght is 7,8 meter.