Design and consultancy

Every building needs a strategy for cleaning and maintenance.

NorAcon has learned that this strategy is often developed late in the design process. This fact will often limit the opportunity to find and use the most cost-effective and efficient access solution. A last minute solution will often become more visible than it has to be. 

NorAcon can assist architects and designers when finding the best strategy and the most suitable access system. Many of our staff members are highly qualified and experienced engineers that have specialized in this business.

Our technical department includes civil engineers as well as architects with long and broad experience when it comes to the design of access systems and fall arrest systems.

We can submit both 2D drawings and 3D models, and they also have many years of experience with BIM modelling.

Our staff has unique experience that will help finding the best solution for any building or structure due to the fact that our engineers have designed and installed hundreds of NorAcon access systems around the world.