Industrial applications

Industrial applications.

The different systems in the NorAcon productrange is not only useful as building maintenance units.

Through the years there has been installed NorAcon systems for a variety of industrial applications.

Examples could be:

  • Window replacement on Heathrow T2a. It has been installed 2 parallell waveshaped monorails (with changing distance inbetween). On these monorails there are Norlifts that are connected to a special design window changing rig.


  • In Italy is is installed NP03 monorails with trolleys for transport of meat in a factory.


  • On Amsterdam Arena (home arena of famous football club Ajax) it is installed NP04 tracks with trolleys all around the inner roof. These monorails are carrying huge sound walls that can be moved around when the arena is used for concerts etc.


  • Special design gantry for access to ware house pallets in Bio Bank.


  • Access inside industrial pipe with suspended platform and guiding monorail. 

The possibilities are endless.