Maintenance and certification

All access systems need to be maintained and inspected at certain fixed time intervals.

This is critical for the overall safety of the workers and also very important for the reliability and lifespan of the access system. 

If an accident should happen and it is related to the use of the access system, the building owner could be held responsible in case of neglect of maintenance and inspection.

Both maintenance and inspections shall be performed by qualified personnel. 

NorAcon AS can perform these services to Norwegian buildings and structures. The company is approved by the authorities to perform inspections both on NorAcon access systems as well as access systems delivered by other companies.


In Norway, the normal procedure is the following (once every year):

- Maintenance of all components

- Repair or replace damaged parts

- Test all functions

- Visual or practical inspection of all monorails and other parts that are not tested for function.

At certain intervals the systems are weight tested with overload in order to find faults or deflection. The weight test is concluded with a certificate.


All systems are thoroughly inspected, and the inspection will be concluded with a certificate. 

In Norway, the access systems shall be inspected every year. In other countries, this interval might be different depending on the local regulations.