Roof machine

The roof machine systems embraces all the lifting machines that are installed on top of buildings and that have an integrated hoist. These machines will normally have the ability to lift the cradle up and store the cradle in a suitable area on top of the building.

These machines are produced in all sizes and weights. The out reach of the lifting beam can be more than 30 meters or as short as 2 meters.

The machines can be designed to be hidden inside the building when not in use. Almost all highrise buildings (above 120 meter) in the world have such machines installed.


NorAcon does not design and produce such machines in Norway, but have chosen to cooperate closely with one of the major international manufaturers of such machines.

Through this copperation, NorAcon clients have access to a complete range of roof machine systems.

The manufaturer NorAcon is cooperating with is:


Euroaccess Technology

Barcelona, Spain